Monday, 20 May 2024 / 12 Dhu-al-Qadda 1445 H *

Monday, 20 May 2024 / 12 Dhu-al-Qadda 1445 H *

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  • Take me to Karbala
    26Oct 2015

    Take me to Karbala

    I was told as a child that stories have happy endings , But Hussain your stories and tragedies are never ending, Despite my love for you , I know my loyalty isn’t true , My sins are evident and nothing new, My manners and good deeds are little and few, Why do tears make rivers in […]

  • Hazrat Muslim Ibn Aqeel
    25Sep 2015

    Hazrat Muslim Ibn Aqeel

    On the desertion of Muslim Ibn Aqeel by everyone at the mosque of Kufa, except one person, Hani Ibn Urwah, in whose house he was staying:   Muslim Ibn Aqeel turned around, after leading the prayers And saw where once there were many, there was only one there Where once loyalty had been promised, desertion […]

  • Sweet Bird
    14Aug 2015

    Sweet Bird

    Leaping into the air, quickly flapping its wings Sudden, swift action is what inspiration brings Desperate to fly higher and higher Wishing never to slow, never to tire Full of emotion, in its own way it yelled This little bird’s chest stretched and swelled Like this bird, become agitated! Seek nearness to the Most Loving […]

  • Ramadhan Poem
    13Jul 2015

    Ramadhan Poem

    Struggling, striving, desperate to break out of the cocoon Then desperately flapping wings, each flap strengthening them Making them stronger and stronger, until it becomes a butterfly, Beautiful, free, and takes flight Fasting, endurance, struggle for a better aim Purification, cleansing from ugly temptations Each sincere fast increasing spiritual strength Emerging from the month more […]

  • Conceive her beauty
    22May 2015

    Conceive her beauty

    1 Gnarled branches of trees, dry, cold, sharp Frost tipped, barren Fill them! Fill them! With deep green leaves Thick green leaves, with deep veins Branches and leaves, cradling nests Containing large, healthy eggs 2 They turn to each other Heads lowered, muttering About the woman they think can’t conceive Leave her alone! She is […]

  • Afsheen: Losing a Child
    15May 2015

    Afsheen: Losing a Child

    Afsheen’s Mother Afsheen’s Father My sweet, dear little Afsheen, since you departed from me Everything is quiet now, and so lonely is my knee On which you would sit and play, free of any cares and stress I would comb your hair gently, and so lovingly caress   When I watched my princess play, in […]

  • Zahra
    10Apr 2015


    Zahra, Zahra… no-one like her Zahra, Zahra… Heaven’s flower * * * The Lord created the foundations of Heaven With it he gave a gift to all of creation An angel wrapped in the scent of the Lord’s wisdom This gift was called Fatima, leader of women The world, the world… owes all to her […]

  • Truth
    5Nov 2012


    Today I am so sad because I see so much injustice in the world I wish people would stand by the truth. I question why do they lie? Are they not scared to meet their Lord when they die? They care more about name, fame and being in no pain They have forget they will […]

  • Traveller
    6Oct 2012


    A traveller I am, I have been far and wide, I do visit your home, and in me you confide. I hail from a land, in a far away place, I have visited millions, by the All Mighty’s Grace. When I visit I need not, your food nor your drink, I only sit and indeed, […]

  • Conscience
    31May 2012


    Let me tell you about a man Who would do anything to silence that guide from within That guide we call conscience which chastises us Every time we commit a sin He surrounded himself with distractions Even travelled to distant lands To silence his conscience he used every weapon And implemented every plan He shot […]

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