Monday, 11 December 2023 / 28 Jamad-al-Awwal 1445 H *

Monday, 11 December 2023 / 28 Jamad-al-Awwal 1445 H *

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VOU Faith aims to increase out understanding on a range of Islamic topics, by conveying key messages to help us continue to improve our ethics and moral behavior based on Islamic teachings. We hope these teachings will help us in the pursuit of moving towards perfection.

  • Part 1: The Peak of Eloquence – On society
    7Jul 2016

    Part 1: The Peak of Eloquence – On society

    Nahjul Balagha (The Peak of Eloquence) uniquely sheds light on and has an impact on our lives from many aspects. Three areas were chosen to be looked at at our study circles: societal, familial and individual. The following article, part one of three series, will explore how it relates to concepts and practices at a societal level. […]

  • Until you visit the cemeteries
    8May 2016

    Until you visit the cemeteries

    This is Part 2 of a 4-part series on leading fuller lives by increasing our awareness of our death. The Quran contains a very short chapter called Al-Takaathur, containing only 8 verses, the first two of which say: “The mutual rivalry for piling up of worldly things diverts you. Until you visit the graves” (Quran […]

  • Let’s talk about death
    23Apr 2016

    Let’s talk about death

    I smiled as I searched down the alphabetically-ordered index of my newly acquired English-Arabic Quran. Instead of a series of verse references next to the word I was searching for, I found: “This word occurs more than 200 times in the Noble Quran. Mentioning every place will make the index very big”. That word was […]

  • Oh I wish I were dust
    8Apr 2016

    Oh I wish I were dust

    This article is based on a short talk was given by Sh Mohammed Al-Hilli at a cemetery visit commemorating Mulla Ashgarali on 19 March 2016. In our day-to-day discussion, we often use the term “I wish”. It may be in the context of a missed business opportunity, an item to purchase, a meeting with an […]

  • Part 9: An Analysis of Surah Al-Fatiha – Misguidance in Islam
    11Mar 2016

    Part 9: An Analysis of Surah Al-Fatiha – Misguidance in Islam

    Continuing the analysis of the last verse of Surah Al-Fatiha we discussed that the Qur’an categorises human beings into three different types. The first group of people are those that Allah (swt) had showered with bounties, as discussed in the previous article. The second and third groups of people will be discussed in this section, […]

  • Visiting the shrines in Iraq
    26Dec 2015

    Visiting the shrines in Iraq

    I looked around me. The sight of masses of people walking around in draping black garments, sitting down on fine Persian rugs, reciting, reading and contemplating was alluring. I stared up at the ceiling; I was mesmerised, almost drowning into the intricately designed floral panels, golden boards, stunning silver chandeliers flowing out from the ceiling with […]

  • Part 8: An Analysis of Surah Al-Fatiha – The Concept of Bounty
    13Nov 2015

    Part 8: An Analysis of Surah Al-Fatiha – The Concept of Bounty

    The last verse of Surah Al-Fatiha categorises mankind into three different groups. After having asked Allah (swt) to be guided to the right path, verse 7 elaborates on this path and mentions: “The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favour, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are […]

  • The message of the Quran: Justice
    26Oct 2015

    The message of the Quran: Justice

    Justice is often discussed as being very important in Islam. Imam Hussain’s (as) stand was ultimately for justice. Fatima Muhammad considers this important principle with reference to the Quran and its application Every book written has a message and all divine books have the common message of worship of a divine authority. Dedicated seekers of […]

  • Why are we marching?
    20Oct 2015

    Why are we marching?

    Public demonstrations serve one purpose: to pass messages on to the masses. For decades, millions have marched year on year in the name of one of the most important historical events that has ever occurred — Karbala. The message of Hussain (as) should always be remembered and the principles applied over the globe, which is why […]

  • The epic of Karbala: A divine decree
    17Oct 2015

    The epic of Karbala: A divine decree

    Dr Murtadha Alidina considers Imam Hussain’s knowledge of the unseen regarding the Battle of Karbala and explores why he still proceeded despite knowing the tragic outcome. It is often overlooked that the events leading up to the tragedy of Karbala were divinely decreed and designed. When Imam Hussain (as) visited the Prophet’s (pbuh) grave for […]

Prayer Time Table Monday 11 Dec 2023

  • Imsaak 6.32
  • Fajr 6.42
  • Sunrise 8.08
  • Dhuhr 12.00
  • Sunset 15.53
  • Magribain 16.13
  • Imsaak 6.27
  • Fajr 6.47
  • Sunrise 8.37
  • Dhuhr 12.20
  • Sunset 3.43
  • Magribain 4.01
  • Imsaak 6.35
  • Fajr 6.44
  • Sunrise 8.13
  • Dhuhr 11.59
  • Sunset 15.45
  • Magribain 16.05
  • Imsaak 6.39
  • Fajr 6.49
  • Sunrise 8.17
  • Dhuhr 12.05
  • Sunset 15.54
  • Magribain 16.14
  • Imsaak 6.03
  • Fajr 6.13
  • Sunrise 7.56
  • Dhuhr 11.54
  • Sunset 15.52
  • Magribain 16.07
  • Imsaak 6.36
  • Fajr 6.46
  • Sunrise 8.14
  • Dhuhr 12.02
  • Sunset 15.49
  • Magribain 16.09

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