Monday, 20 May 2024 / 12 Dhu-al-Qadda 1445 H *

Monday, 20 May 2024 / 12 Dhu-al-Qadda 1445 H *

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Interfaith aspires to provide a platform for young Muslims to engage in dialogue with people of different faiths and none on a variety of topics, learn from each other, as well as carry out social action work.  This section hopes to inform you about interfaith work in general, writers’ viewpoints and experiences, as well as events and activities the IUS is involved in. For more info about IUS Interfaith or to ask about volunteering opportunities, contact us here:

  • Sufra NW London
    21Jul 2016

    Sufra NW London

    The Islamic Unity Society recently received an award by Sufra NW London in recognition of our “support in challenging poverty and disadvantage in the London Borough of Brent”. Mohammed Mamdani, Director of Sufra NW London said “it [Sufra NW London] brings together hundreds, if not thousands of people from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds to […]

  • Is life better with trees?
    18Mar 2016

    Is life better with trees?

    And there was only Him. Then He created all; earth, us, and beauty. Some breathe and some don’t, but all are alive. Dark or light, they’re all good and not bad, all beautiful and not ugly. And then He said to us “there is no creature on [or within] the earth or bird that flies […]

  • With Peace & Love
    22Jan 2016

    With Peace & Love

    On a typical British day with the sun out; yet gloomy clouded sky, I accompanied thirty volunteers, brothers and sisters aged from thirteen to late thirties. We were a diverse group with different British ethnic backgrounds. We were all making our way to Central London with the intention of representing the true Islamic teachings and […]

  • Gifts with Love to the Elderly this Christmas
    4Jan 2016

    Gifts with Love to the Elderly this Christmas

    When I think about the respected elderly, the following quote from our holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) comes to mind “He isn’t of us who isn’t kind to our youngsters, and shows no respect to our elders…”  A powerful message which if applied will help us in taking steps towards building a harmonious society. Respect for […]

  • Connecting with the Beloved
    6Nov 2015

    Connecting with the Beloved

    Sharing is a big part of our religion, Islam, be it a material good such as wealth, or abstract such as knowledge, love or even a smile. This Ramadan, at the Islamic Unity Society we shared an iftar event with our Christian friends from the Focolare [1], an “international organization that promotes the ideals of […]

  • To do or not to do?
    26Jun 2015

    To do or not to do?

    At the Islamic Unity Society (IUS), we agree that “In unity there is strength” and as such one of the means for us, as people of faith, is to come together and do interfaith work. This is especially true living in a diverse society where we encounter people of different faiths or none. We asked […]

  • Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire
    12Jun 2015

    Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire

    On 25th March I visited Istanbul for the first time and was overwhelmed with the beauty of this city. I was taking a group of 30 pupils on a school trip abroad, a trip that was planned six months ago. We had a guided tour that was enriched with historical commentary of the Ottoman Empire. […]

  • What kind of hospitality will we offer?
    22May 2015

    What kind of hospitality will we offer?

    Halfway up a mountain and in desperate need of a sugar boost, I discovered the sweets in my rucksack pocket were ‘haram’ – the word used by Muslims to describe that which is forbidden by God. I decided not to eat them, as 12 out of 13 of my companions could not have shared them […]

  • #DoYouCare
    6Mar 2015


    [Video credit: Video available in different languages] 90 young people, Christians, Muslims, without religious affiliation and from different ethnicities spent two days together, on the theme of ‘#DoYouCare? Multiculturalism – Interfaith – Dialogue’. Did it work? On the 13th – 15th February, Islamic Unity Society volunteers were invited to an interfaith residential event at the […]

  • Preparing for dialogue
    27Feb 2015

    Preparing for dialogue

    We have all heard about the recent events in Paris as well as others around the world. Outrageous and disgusting acts by individuals in the name of Islam have been committed in apparent attempts to defend Islam. However, these acts have tarnished the name of the religion and misrepresented it’s true message. The majority of […]

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