Saturday, 30 July 2016 / 24 Shawwal 1437 H *

Saturday, 30 July 2016 / 24 Shawwal 1437 H *

National Projects

Part 1: The Peak of Eloquence – On society

Nahjul Balagha (The Peak of Eloquence) uniquely sheds light on and has an impact on our...

Sufra NW London

Awards Ceremony Sitting in Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre with the leader of the Brent Council,...

Voice of Unity Magazine

An online magazine that aims to promote positive messages about Muslim communities inspired by the ideals of the Quran and the Prophet's Household, to enrich our lives in the West. Run by a volunteer editorial team of youth and young professionals.

IUS Volunteers Training Camp

Are you a dedicated volunteer or aspiring to become one? IUS has just what you need –...

IUS Manchester Ramadhan Majaalis 2016

IUS Manchester Ramadhan Majaalis  will be starting on the Friday 24th June. We will be joined by...

How did it begin?

Back in 2003, IUS hosted the first camp in Manchester bringing brothers and sisters together from various regions in the UK. From this hugely successful event the seeds were planted for the next generation of dedicated youth.

Sufra NW London

The Islamic Unity Society recently received an award by Sufra NW London in recognition of our...

Annual Iftar 2016

Salam Alykum, Once again we are delighted to announce that IUS London is continuing to provide...

Where IUS sowed it's first seed

In 1995, IUS started in London to assist primarily university students. Over the years, the society expanded beyond the capital. Now the IUS is a nationally recognised charity organisation.

IUS Aid Hyderi Cup 2016

IUS Aid welcomes you to our annual 5 a side football tournament:  Hyderi Cup 2016. Bring...

Welcome to IUS Aid!

IUS AID is a subsidiary organisation of the Islamic Unity Society ( It was formed in late 2012 in response to the rising number of humanitarian crises across the world, which people living the West have expressed a wish to financially support

NHSBT Stakeholder Event 2016

Writen by Aimen Al-Diwani, IUS Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign Coordinator: On Tues 28th June I attended...

NHSBT and IUS team up for Muslim Lifestyle Show 2016

Over 100 people sign up to Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign This past weekend, NHS Blood...

About the campaign

The Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign was started in 2006 and is the first campaign within the UK which aims to increase the number of regular blood donors from Muslim communities.

Is life better with trees?

And there was only Him. Then He created all; earth, us, and beauty. Some breathe and...

Tree Planting Day – King George’s field

Trees for Cities, a UK-wide charity, are planting over 5,000 trees in King George’s Field, Southall,...

About Interfaith

IUS Interfaith aims to provide a platform by and for young Muslims to engage in dialogue with people of different faiths and none.

IUS Camps/Trips Questionnaire 2014/15

IUS Camps/Trips is looking to reach out to the Muslim community and serve its needs, to...

IUS Volunteers’ Weekend Away 2015

Salam alaykum! This year, the IUS Camps and trips Team will be holding an internal weekend...

IUS Camps

An IUS event not miss, great activities, seminars, workshops and much more...

Prayer Time Table Saturday 30 Jul 2016

  • Imsaak 3.32
  • Fajr 3.42
  • Sunrise 5.24
  • Dhuhr 13.14
  • Sunset 21.03
  • Magribain 21.23
  • Imsaak 3.15
  • Fajr 3.25
  • Sunrise 5.21
  • Dhuhr 13.07
  • Sunset 20.52
  • Magribain 21.07
  • Imsaak 3.24
  • Fajr 3.34
  • Sunrise 5.21
  • Dhuhr 13.15
  • Sunset 21.09
  • Magribain 21.29

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