Monday, 20 May 2024 / 12 Dhu-al-Qadda 1445 H *

Monday, 20 May 2024 / 12 Dhu-al-Qadda 1445 H *

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Hazrat Qasim, written by Ali Abbas Sheikh (13)

14Oct 2022

Salaam un Alaykum,

My name is Ali Abbas and I am going to talk about Hazarat Qasim at the Battle of Karbala, son of Imam Hassan. Hazarat Qasim was born on 7th Shaban 47 AH, and was brutally martyred on 10th Muharram 60 AH.

Before Imam Hussain left Madina for Karbala, Bibi Umme Farwa asked Imam Hussain if she could bring herself and Hazarat Qasim along with them. Imam Hussain agreed. Hazarat Qasim ended up contributing hugely to the Battle of Karbala, with his love of sacrifice for justice and his righteousness.

On the night prior to the Battle, a dark, gloomy night filled with the helpless cries of children thirsty for water. Hazarat Qasim said: “Mother, tomorrow Uncle Abbas, Ali Akbar and I will defend Imam Hussain. Mother, if I get killed, please don’t cry for me.” Umme Farwa replied: “My son, although I dearly love you, I shall not cry for you. Nothing will make me prouder than to see my son give his life for Islam.”
These set of quotes just go to show that although Hazarat Qasim was only a teenager, it shows how mature and sensible and brave he is, like his father, A youth of Jannah, a true representative of the Hashmi Clan.

Ashura came to the land of Karbala, a day of sorrow, pain and grief for all those who had lost their family.

Hazarat Qasim had asked his mother, Bibi Umme Farwa for permission to go fight. He then went to his uncle and asked him.
Imam Hussain said: “Qasim, you are young. You are the only child of your mother. Qasim, you are my brother’s son. I have promised my brother to look after you. My darling Qasim, you are the image of my brother. You remind me of Hassan. No, Qasim, no. I cannot allow you to die.”

How could Imam Hussain let his brother’s such beloved son die?

Hazarat Qasim was very disappointed that he couldn’t go to battle. However his mother had reminded him about the Taveez with the letter inside it from Imam Hassan, from when he is in difficulty. He opened up the taveez and saw that there was a letter for Imam Hussain (as). He was very pleased and smiled that this could help him. The letter read:

“Brother Husayn, a day will come when Islam will need to be saved by sacrifice. Husayn, I will not be alive on that day, however my son, Qasim will be there. It is my wish that Qasim should represent me on that day.”

After having read the letter, Imam Hussain as said: “O my brother’s son, how can I stop you from doing what my father wanted you to do. Bismillah, go. May Allah be with you.”

Hazarat Qasim said: “O my uncle, do not be upset, I do not fear death. Death for Islam will be sweeter for me than honey.” This again portrays how much wisdom Hazarat Qasim had at such a young age. It is even said that Hazarat Qasim hadn’t even reached buloogh as of yet and he had an immense passion to do his part to protect and preserve the message of Islam.

The things that we should take back from this story are that we must do whatever we can to spread and rejuvenate the message of Imam Hussain, be it reciting Nohas or even just sending your Salaams to Imam Hussain.
The martyrs of Karbala, died so that we can have Islam the way it is today. And to thank them, we should Love the Ahlulbayt and be the best Muslims we can be.


Written by Ali Abbas Sheikh

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