Wednesday, 29 November 2023 / 16 Jamad-al-Awwal 1445 H *

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 / 16 Jamad-al-Awwal 1445 H *

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31May 2012
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Let me tell you about a man

Who would do anything to silence
that guide from within
That guide we call conscience which chastises us
Every time we commit a sin

He surrounded himself with distractions
Even travelled to distant lands
To silence his conscience he used every weapon
And implemented every plan

He shot poisonous arrows at his conscience
With audacity’s arrogant bow
Because he sinned whilst knowing
His Creator knows

All his senses were strictly employed
As agents of committing sin
Just more tools to help him silence
That reprimanding voice from within

However the most potent of weapons he used
Was simply that he repeated sins again
And again
And again

With all these weapons he struck his conscience
And in reality his true spirit, with blow after blow
And did anything he could
To stop those self-reforming surges of guilt flow

After such prolonged attack against his conscience
He became careless towards what he said,
thought or did
Finally turning deaf, dumb and blind,
From the world and himself this major loss he hid

Now his life is worse than death
And after death he will fare even worse
For he treated his conscience as an enemy
An attitude totally perverse

Have not this attitude
And be not like this man
Use your conscience as a guide, repulse evil
And do as much good as you can

And remember:
If you feel bad when you do,
say or think something wrong
You still have much good in you which you may not
fully comprehend
So don’t treat your conscience as your worst enemy
When in reality it is one of your best friends

Credits: image by flickr user: Bill Dickinson

Prayer Time Table Wednesday 29 Nov 2023

  • Imsaak 6.19
  • Fajr 6.29
  • Sunrise 7.52
  • Dhuhr 11.55
  • Sunset 15.59
  • Magribain 16.19
  • Imsaak 6.10
  • Fajr 6.30
  • Sunrise 8.20
  • Dhuhr 12.15
  • Sunset 3.50
  • Magribain 4.08
  • Imsaak 6.21
  • Fajr 6.31
  • Sunrise 7.57
  • Dhuhr 11.54
  • Sunset 15.51
  • Magribain 16.11
  • Imsaak 6.25
  • Fajr 6.35
  • Sunrise 8.01
  • Dhuhr 12.00
  • Sunset 15.59
  • Magribain 16.19
  • Imsaak 5.50
  • Fajr 6.00
  • Sunrise 7.41
  • Dhuhr 11.49
  • Sunset 15.56
  • Magribain 16.11
  • Imsaak 6.23
  • Fajr 6.33
  • Sunrise 7.58
  • Dhuhr 11.57
  • Sunset 15.55
  • Magribain 16.15

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