Tuesday, 23 July 2024 / 16 Muharram 1446 H *

Tuesday, 23 July 2024 / 16 Muharram 1446 H *

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Afsheen: Losing a Child

15May 2015
Afsheen: Losing a Child
Afsheen’s Mother Afsheen’s Father
My sweet, dear little Afsheen, since you departed from me

Everything is quiet now, and so lonely is my knee

On which you would sit and play, free of any cares and stress

I would comb your hair gently, and so lovingly caress


When I watched my princess play, in her palace, on her throne

Your innocent face looking, at loved ones who were your own

Devoted father, and me, your mother who loves you so

You seemed to be very wise, as if you already know

There is nothing if no love, and love is also beauty

And love is special, precious, worth more than gold or rubies


Gunfire, shouting, carnage, death

Yes, that sudden, nothing left


Take a moment, spare a thought, here my daughter lies asleep

A long sleep without a sound, for death came soon, and I weep

My real jewels, my angels, were always so full of life

But their wings were cruelly clipped, by that sharp yet bluntest knife

Shaped with ignorant anger, sharpened and thrust with red rage

Using made-up excuses, then re-carving history’s page


But now for you my love: peace! For you this life’s troubles cease

My heart! My innocent face! We’ll meet in a better place


Now and forever – your mother

My child, my love, dear Afsheen, all is quiet now since you’ve gone

Your lovely smile is no more, and me smiling seems so wrong

I would love to watch you smile, as your mother combed your hair

You seemed so very happy, and so free of any care


Even though you were so small, you made our hearts grow so big

The more love we gave to you, the more we wanted to give

All of us were devoted, and one thing I can’t forget

When your mother looked at you, a secret which had been kept

Revealed itself: that our love paternal and maternal

Was joined with compassion, and that made it so eternal


Gunfire, shouting, carnage, death

Yes, that sudden, nothing left


How can I describe to you, how can I explain my grief

I find it so hard to smile, this pain runs so very deep

In the middle of the night, when your mother lies awake

Remembering you Afsheen, crying, crying, my heart breaks

Those who look with scorn on lives, shall never ever find rest

Hate hangs heavy on the soul, and arrogance never blessed


Just as the sea and shore meet, we will also gently greet

The sun and moon give their light, you  brighten our days and nights


Now and forever – your father

Written by Saqib Hussain

Prayer Time Table Tuesday 23 Jul 2024

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