Saturday, 4 July 2020 / 13 Dhu-al-Qadda 1441 H *

Saturday, 4 July 2020 / 13 Dhu-al-Qadda 1441 H *

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Hazrat Muslim Ibn Aqeel

25Sep 2015
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Hazrat Muslim Ibn Aqeel

On the desertion of Muslim Ibn Aqeel by everyone at the mosque of Kufa, except one person, Hani Ibn Urwah, in whose house he was staying:


Muslim Ibn Aqeel turned around, after leading the prayers

And saw where once there were many, there was only one there

Where once loyalty had been promised, desertion had taken place

Where once sweet words were spoken, bitter rejection was the taste

Fear of man had overcome, when fear of God should have been greater

People fled to their homes, each locked door enclosed a traitor

How quickly they turned! How quickly they disowned!

This pious warrior, a noble stranger far from home

Shocked at what had just happened, silence hung still in the air

Where once there had been many, now there was only one there.


Written By Saqib Hussain

Taken from the book Sweet Bird by Saqib Hussain, available for free download from


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Prayer Time Table Saturday 04 Jul 2020

  • Imsaak 2.22
  • Fajr 2.32
  • Sunrise 4.5
  • Dhuhr 13.05
  • Sunset 21.20
  • Magribain 21.35
  • Imsaak 2.16
  • Fajr 2.26
  • Sunrise 4.46
  • Dhuhr 13.13
  • Sunset 21.39
  • Magribain 21.59
  • Imsaak 2.33
  • Fajr 2.43
  • Sunrise 4.51
  • Dhuhr 13.11
  • Sunset 21.32
  • Magribain 21.52

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