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Thursday, 29 February 2024 / 19 Shabaan 1445 H *

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  • Visiting the shrines in Iraq
    26Dec 2015

    Visiting the shrines in Iraq

    I looked around me. The sight of masses of people walking around in draping black garments, sitting down on fine Persian rugs, reciting, reading and contemplating was alluring. I stared up at the ceiling; I was mesmerised, almost drowning into the intricately designed floral panels, golden boards, stunning silver chandeliers flowing out from the ceiling with […]

  • The message of the Quran: Justice
    26Oct 2015

    The message of the Quran: Justice

    Justice is often discussed as being very important in Islam. Imam Hussain’s (as) stand was ultimately for justice. Fatima Muhammad considers this important principle with reference to the Quran and its application Every book written has a message and all divine books have the common message of worship of a divine authority. Dedicated seekers of […]

  • The epic of Karbala: A divine decree
    17Oct 2015

    The epic of Karbala: A divine decree

    Dr Murtadha Alidina considers Imam Hussain’s knowledge of the unseen regarding the Battle of Karbala and explores why he still proceeded despite knowing the tragic outcome. It is often overlooked that the events leading up to the tragedy of Karbala were divinely decreed and designed. When Imam Hussain (as) visited the Prophet’s (pbuh) grave for […]

  • Black is back
    15Oct 2015

    Black is back

    Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar; however, as Muslims, we choose not to commemorate the start of the New Year in celebrations. Instead, we mourn and remember the sacrifice of our third Imam, Imam Hussain (as). How we choose to mourn and display our sadness has become a subject of discussion and […]

  • Zahra
    10Apr 2015


    Zahra, Zahra… no-one like her Zahra, Zahra… Heaven’s flower * * * The Lord created the foundations of Heaven With it he gave a gift to all of creation An angel wrapped in the scent of the Lord’s wisdom This gift was called Fatima, leader of women The world, the world… owes all to her […]

  • Wayfaring towards the Beloved
    19Feb 2015

    Wayfaring towards the Beloved

    The Almighty Allah (swt) created man to worship; a worship which is based on knowledge and is as a result of knowing Him (swt). From the ways to know Allah (swt) is to study the universe, His divine books and finally to discover the self, the treasure which lies within every single one us! There […]

  • The Proclamation of Surat Al Bara’ah
    26Oct 2014

    The Proclamation of Surat Al Bara’ah

    When the pilgrimage season arrived in the year 9 A.H., Prophet Muhammad (SA) had myriads of pressing duties demanding his immediate attention such that he was unable to leave Medina. He then sent Abu Bakr to Makkah as the leader of a group of three hundred pilgrims to conduct the rites of Hajj. It was […]

  • Truth
    5Nov 2012


    Today I am so sad because I see so much injustice in the world I wish people would stand by the truth. I question why do they lie? Are they not scared to meet their Lord when they die? They care more about name, fame and being in no pain They have forget they will […]

  • Emotional satisfaction in long-term marriage
    15Oct 2012

    Emotional satisfaction in long-term marriage

    The concept of emotional satisfaction in a generation of advanced technology and the internet has resulted in complex understandings and definitions of satisfaction. This article will focus on satisfaction in long-term marriage, based on my thesis for MSc Psychology. To define and understand the concept of satisfaction in marriage, I searched and interviewed women who […]

  • Traveller
    6Oct 2012


    A traveller I am, I have been far and wide, I do visit your home, and in me you confide. I hail from a land, in a far away place, I have visited millions, by the All Mighty’s Grace. When I visit I need not, your food nor your drink, I only sit and indeed, […]

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