Sunday, 16 June 2024 / 9 Dhu-al-Hijja 1445 H *

Sunday, 16 June 2024 / 9 Dhu-al-Hijja 1445 H *

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Mola Abbas, by Huzaifa Ali Hashim (9)

14Oct 2022

Oh Abbas, my dear master Abbas, you tried to get water for Sakina. How could such people kill you? They struck your two arms and with arrows they hit your chest and your eye.

You lost your balance, fell off your horse, to save yourself you were about to use your hands but you had no hands.

Fell to the ground on your face, the arrow went through your beloved face. The blood went into your other eye.

The mashk was pierced with an arrow, the water came out.

Hussain came gloomy and sad.

Your wounded body is lying next to the river Euphrates.

The son of Ali bin Abu tali the lion of Allah SWT.

Ya Abbas.

Prayer Time Table Sunday 16 Jun 2024

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