Sunday, 16 June 2024 / 9 Dhu-al-Hijja 1445 H *

Sunday, 16 June 2024 / 9 Dhu-al-Hijja 1445 H *

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Bibi Sakeena (as), written by Fatimah Khan (10) and Daniya Khan (9)

14Oct 2022

Bibi Sakeena, Imam Hussain’s little girl,

She slept on her baba’s chest every night,

The imam never let her out of his sight.


Until the battle of Karbala took place,

All the prophet’s family kept a strong faith,

She lost all her family, including her dad,

Although she tried not to be sad.


They lost their tents, she lost her veil,

They cried for help to no avail,

She was made to walk through bazaar-e-shaam,

Oh Bibi! We cry and mourn for you as much as we can.


You didn’t make it back home,

You died in Shaam all alone,

Cruel Yazid, you will have to pay,

We along with our Imam will see on Judgement Day.

Prayer Time Table Sunday 16 Jun 2024

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