Saturday, 23 October 2021 / 16 Rabi-al-Awwal 1443 H *

Saturday, 23 October 2021 / 16 Rabi-al-Awwal 1443 H *

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These articles look to inform, educate and inspire through documenting the lives of truly inspirational individuals, both famous and ordinary; and through the stories behind interesting places to highlight the lessons to be gained from them all.

  • Defamation of the Prophet’s character
    1Oct 2012

    Defamation of the Prophet’s character

    The recent blasphemous defamation of the grand status of Prophet Muhammad (SA) has sparked much rage and anger of Muslims across the globe.  The movie, “Innocence of Muslims” co-scripted and directed by Sam Bacile, denigrates the status of the Prophet (SA) and deliberately maligns him, Islam, and Muslims.  Such anti-Islam film is proof that hatred […]

  • The Prince of Peace – a true reflection of the Prophet
    5Aug 2012

    The Prince of Peace – a true reflection of the Prophet

     Birth Madina, 3 A.H, a peaceful night, in the middle of the holy month of Ramadan. The Prophet is overjoyed. He has just received the best of news. He is a grandfather for the very first time! The source of his joy is a handsome baby boy, born to his only beloved daughter Fatima (sa) […]

  • Ali (as): The Citizen of the Holy Ka’ba
    9Jun 2012

    Ali (as): The Citizen of the Holy Ka’ba

    The grand position of an individual can generally be recognised by certain extraordinary events in their life which display the achieved status of that person. In some cases, I believe a person is a divine miracle, which may suggest that this person holds a special rank in the eyes of Allah (swt). But when the […]

  • Fatima Zahra (as)
    13May 2012

    Fatima Zahra (as)

    Amongst the Holy Five, the only name that existed prior to the advent of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was Fatima (as). Indeed so popular was this name amongst Bani Hashim – one of the wives of Abdul Muttalib was called Fatima as was the wife of Abu Talib – it was only a matter […]

  • Fatima al-Zahra (as)
    1Jan 2010

    Fatima al-Zahra (as)

    Fatima al-Zahra (as) was born in the holy city of Makkah on the 20th of Jumadi al-Akhir (615 AD), five years after the declaration of the final message of Islam. Of the titles given to Fatima (as) by the holy Prophet (pbuh) was Umm Abeeha (1), which means the mother of her father, recognising the […]

Prayer Time Table Saturday 23 Oct 2021

  • Imsaak 6.22
  • Fajr 6.32
  • Sunrise 7.47
  • Dhuhr 12.52
  • Sunset 17.56
  • Magribain 18.16
  • Imsaak 5.55
  • Fajr 6.15
  • Sunrise 8.05
  • Dhuhr 13.11
  • Sunset 5.57
  • Magribain 6.15
  • Imsaak 6.21
  • Fajr 6.31
  • Sunrise 7.48
  • Dhuhr 12.5
  • Sunset 17.52
  • Magribain 18.12
  • Imsaak 6.26
  • Fajr 6.36
  • Sunrise 7.53
  • Dhuhr 12.56
  • Sunset 17.59
  • Magribain 18.19
  • Imsaak 5.55
  • Fajr 6.05
  • Sunrise 7.38
  • Dhuhr 12.45
  • Sunset 17.51
  • Magribain 18.06
  • Imsaak 6.24
  • Fajr 6.33
  • Sunrise 7.5
  • Dhuhr 12.53
  • Sunset 17.55
  • Magribain 18.15

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