Thursday, 28 May 2020 / 5 Shawwal 1441 H *

Thursday, 28 May 2020 / 5 Shawwal 1441 H *

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Urgent appeal for blood donations this Easter

24Mar 2018
Urgent appeal for blood donations this Easter

Asalamun Alaikum Dear Brother / Sister,

This is an urgent request for our blood donors to come forward and donate ahead of the Easter period. NHS Blood & Transplant have issued this urgent appeal in response to recent bad weather which led to the cancellation of some blood sessions and between 6-7,000 units of blood were lost as a result. This could take weeks to recover.

Blood stocks are currently at urgently low levels (few days of supply left). Current stocks of Group O (the universal blood type used in emergencies), Group B, and A positive blood are particularly low at the moment.

To give blood, please sign up via to one of our upcoming sessions or alternatively donate independently at your local Donor Centre. You can also call the Donor Line on 0300 123 23 23 for more support.

Remember please check you’re eligible via before booking an appointment.

We hope you can support us by donating and / or cascading this message to family, friends and networks.

Many thanks in advance, Salam & Duas,
IUS Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign


We are running low on blood donations!


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Prayer Time Table Thursday 28 May 2020

  • Imsaak 2.33
  • Fajr 2.43
  • Sunrise 4.53
  • Dhuhr 12.58
  • Sunset 21.04
  • Magribain 21.19
  • Imsaak 2.36
  • Fajr 2.46
  • Sunrise 4.5
  • Dhuhr 13.06
  • Sunset 21.21
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  • Sunrise 4.54
  • Dhuhr 13.04
  • Sunset 21.15
  • Magribain 21.35

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