Tuesday, 2 March 2021 / 18 Rajab 1442 H *

Tuesday, 2 March 2021 / 18 Rajab 1442 H *

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Living Islam Festival 2016

12Aug 2016
Living Islam Festival 2016

The Imam Hussain Blood Donation (IHBDC) had an opportunity to raise awareness at the Living Islam festival this year in Lincolnshire. The festival was hosted on a showground in the Countryside and was a 4 day Muslim family event whose ethos included covering all dimensions of a British Muslim’s lifestyle.

The festival was divided into various aspects that make up our lives and included a host of stalls and exhibitions, from lectures about Women’s issues to dodgeball competitions for children. Not having attended such as festival before, it was fascinating to see the diversity of Muslims and people of other faith who were present at the event, everyone had their own story about what they were hoping to get out of the event. I explored the Arts and Culture area and was pleasantly surprised by the exhibition of paintings and sculptures. I felt a sense of pride at the diverse and modern representation of Islam around me.

The IHBDC stall was based in the sports and wellbeing section and we were joined by our new partners the NHS Blood & Transplant team (NHSBT).We were surrounded by lush fields and most of the sporting events took place here.The Wellbeing marquee hosted several lectures relating to health including a lecture on ‘Healthier Soul and Body’ which was very enlightening. There was also a health screen with a 10 minute consultation by a Doctor who gave personalised advice based on your results.

Alhamdullilah the IHBDC stall was was popular with enquiries from various people. It was a great way to raise awareness about the lack of blood donors within the Muslim community, especially those from ethnic minorities. We were pleased to have quite a few sign ups for blood donation on the days there and was a reminder for all of us that it does not matter what background or location you come from, donating blood is saving the lives of our Muslim brothers and sisters and we should strive to keep the Ummah strong.

Prayer Time Table Tuesday 02 Mar 2021

  • Imsaak 5.28
  • Fajr 5.38
  • Sunrise 6.52
  • Dhuhr 12.19
  • Sunset 17.47
  • Magribain 18.07
  • Imsaak 4.56
  • Fajr 5.16
  • Sunrise 7.06
  • Dhuhr 12.39
  • Sunset 5.54
  • Magribain 6.12
  • Imsaak 5.26
  • Fajr 5.36
  • Sunrise 6.52
  • Dhuhr 12.18
  • Sunset 17.44
  • Magribain 18.04
  • Imsaak 5.32
  • Fajr 5.42
  • Sunrise 6.57
  • Dhuhr 12.24
  • Sunset 17.5
  • Magribain 18.1
  • Imsaak 5.02
  • Fajr 5.12
  • Sunrise 6.44
  • Dhuhr 12.13
  • Sunset 17.43
  • Magribain 17.58
  • Imsaak 5.29
  • Fajr 5.39
  • Sunrise 6.54
  • Dhuhr 12.21
  • Sunset 17.47
  • Magribain 18.07

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